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Nitrous Oxide - Dental Anxiety in Newmarket

If you are anxious about a dental procedure or the sounds, smells and environment associated with the dental visit, a tool that we have to help you relax is nitrous oxide. Teeth whitening smile

Nitrous or "laughing gas" often allows patients forget about the surrounding while the freezing we use will take care of any potential discomfort.

The nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nose piece during you procedure and monitored by our trained team.

Nitrous Oxide is quickly released from your system after the source is turned off and you will be fully aware and able to respond to us during your visit.

Dental problems will not go away on their own and left untreated can lead to costly and potentially worse health issues. If dental anxiety (or fear of the dentist) has been holding you back from receiving the care you need speak to us. There are option available to ease your anxiety. To request an appointment fill in the form below and we will contact you to confirm the date you choose.