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Aging, diet, injuries along with many other factors cause teeth to dull and yellow. Teeth Whitening is a popular cosmetic dental service we offer. Teeth Whitening restores stained or discoloured teeth to a healthy, natural colour, and is very safe under the supervision of a dental professional.Teeth whitening smile

The results from in-office Teeth Whitening are immediate and long lasting, making this service ideal for special occasions such as weddings, graduations or any celebration for that matter.

We provide our Teeth Whitening clients with custom fitted trays and 'touch-up' gel to take home so that their results can last even longer. "Touch-ups" are especially useful for people that drink coffee, tea, red wine and beverages that are prone to stain teeth.

Reason for Tooth Discolouration include:
  • Drinking coffee, tea, wine or soft drinks that stains teeth
  • Natural aging - The dentin underneath the enamel of a tooth darkens
  • Smoking - any tobacco use stains teeth
  • Accidents - a dead nerve will darken a tooth
  • Root Canal Therapy

If you are interested in bringing out the white in your teeth, Newmarket dentist Dr. Croppo will evaluate your teeth, smile and expectations to determine whether whitening is the correct procedure for you. Feel free to ask Dr. Croppo about professional tooth whitening as well as over the counter agents. Together you can compare treatments and determine which solution will be most effective for you. To request an appointment fill in the form below and we will contact you to confirm the date you choose.